Buying Tip: Triangl Swimwear

I have been buying Triangl swimwear for years, before the Instagram days. I get tons of messages and questions about sizing, so I want to help! I feel like the brand has changed its sizing since I first started buying from them. Originally it was just S, M, and L; then they started offering S, S+, M, M+, etc. for different cup sizes. I’ve noticed that the size range varies with each style. Some styles stick to the XXS-XL and some offer the plus options. You can find their sizing guide here, but I’ll give you some tips that might help.

In general I feel that Triangl definitely runs a little bit small, and the material is very unique. The original fabric is neoprene, which isn’t as stretchy as typical swimwear. An exception is their velvet bikini, which does have more stretch. Since the neoprene doesn’t stretch much, I’ve noticed that too small of a size feels super tight while too large of a size looks too boxy. I’ve had to exchange sizes too many times to count (luckily their returns are much easier now than they used to be).

I’m generally a size small or medium top and small bottom in other brands. In triangl, I’m still a medium top (or small++ in some styles). Their tops are minimal as far as fabric and coverage, so I recommend sizing up. In triangl bottoms I’m between small and medium, so they run more true to size than the tops (just consider the material and style). I also prefer their “high waist” bottom styles over the original super low-cut.

Some of the styles I own are this pink velvet one, this white jacquard one, and this bandeau style in orange, nude, and white. I also have this more original style (they used to offer it in all pink). Leave a comment if you have any questions!



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