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Since Sephora is doing another sale this weekend (15% off for Beauty Insiders and 20% off for Rouge status) – I figured this is the perfect time to share this makeup routine post I’ve been working on. The code for Beauty Insiders to get 15% off is ‘ BIBONUS ‘ and 20% off for Rouge members is ‘ ENJOY ‘. I always stock up on my favorite during these sales! I’m also stocking up on my beauty blender sponges from Ulta while they’re on sale 🙂



Step 1: Cleanse

I wash my face morning and night with this Dermalogica cleanser. It’s more of a gel texture and my face feels super clean afterwards. I have the large size and leave it in my shower but always keep the smaller size under my sink.


Step 2: Moisturize

Immediately after cleansing in the AM I start with my vitamin C serum and let that soak in for about 30 seconds. I also apply my vitamin C eye serum just under the eyes and over the lids/brow bone in an upward motion with my ring finger – the serum will definitely brighten your under eyes and reduce puffiness. Once my serum has dried I apply my moisturizer. I have a couple favorites, but this Charlotte Tilbury one is by far the best. It plumps your skin and reduces the look of wrinkles, but it’s SO hydrating too – it’s used by many celebrity makeup artists before applying makeup. A close second is this anti-aging miracle cream. I’m very picky about my moisturizers because I have sensitive skin that is more dry, definitely not oily. I let my moisturizer sit for as long as possible before applying makeup so that it has a chance to absorb, without leaving my skin feeling too dewy.



Step 3: Primer

I 100% notice a difference when I forget to use a primer before foundation. I have tried a lot of different primers, but this has been a favorite so far. I also love any of the Smashbox primers (which are cheaper).



Step 4: Foundation

I only wear liquid foundation since my skin is pretty dry already. I rotate between a few foundations but NARS is my all time favorite – which must be why it’s so expensive. NARS has a couple of very similar foundations and I have both – I love this one for a very natural look yet full coverage ; this is my second favorite NARS foundation but is a bit more dewy and has to be set really well with a translucent powder. I wear shade ‘Vallauris’ in both. Both of these foundations go on smoother than any other brand I’ve tried. My 3rd favorite is this Estée Lauder one, which is full coverage and stays on literally all day without moving. Perfect for all-day-and-night makeup or events.

I almost always apply my makeup with a beauty blender. I personally like the Real Technique blender better than the actual Beauty Blender brand due to the shape of the sponge, but I have both and use them all! This 4-pack of these Real Technique blenders are on sale right now for $10 which is amazinggg. The sponge also MUST BE WET!! I run mine under warm water every single time I use it and squeeze it a few times to make sure it fully absorbs the water before squeezing out the excess. I feel like using a dry beauty blender doesn’t give the airbrushed look that a damp beauty blender does. Plus, I feel like a dry one soaks up too much product which is wasteful. I also clean mine every time I use it using this cleanser, but you can also use regular bar soap.


Step 5: Conceal

My favorite everyday concealer is this NARS one. It’s super creamy and has good coverage, and I wear the color ‘Creme Brulee’. Another one I love is Tarte’s Shape Tape, which is very full coverage. I apply my concealer under my eyes, down my nose, and in a small upside down triangle above my nose. I also blend out my concealer with that same damp blender sponge.



Step 6: Set

Once my concealer is applied, I apply my setting powder on top of it (under the eyes and forehead). I absolutely love Laura Mercier’s setting powder, but it used to make my eyes water sooo bad. Now I use a Too Faced setting powder and haven’t had any issues with my eyes! I love it. I also apply this powder with my damp blender sponge. I dip the sponge into the powder and dab it on top of my concealer. I apply this powder pretty thick under my eyes so that I can wipe away the excess with a fluffy brush once my eye makeup is done.




Step 7: Brows

Next I fill in my brows. I use the Anastasia Brow Definer in Medium Brown, which is a wider brow pencil. Her Brow Wiz pencil is also great, but it is thinner and for me it takes more time to fill with this. I always set my brows with the Anastasia clear brow gel.



Step 8: Eyes

The palette I have been using almost everyday lately is the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. There is SO much you can do with this palette and the glitter shades are perfect for holidays.

Once my eyeshadow is applied, I lightly sweep a fluffy brush under my eyes to remove the excess setting powder and eyeshadow fallout.

I NEVER wear mascara without using this mascara primer first. I have been using this for years and swear by it, I honestly think it triples your lashes. I apply the primer (which is white), let it dry for a few seconds, then follow with my favorite Stila mascara.



Step 9: Contour

I honestly don’t do a whole lot of contouring, I feel like it can easily look so overdone and I don’t really like cream contours. I love this matte bronzer for contouring my cheeks and jawline, and this shimmery bronzer for an all over glowy look.


Step 10: Set & Highlight

If I really want my makeup to last all day and night, I use this setting spray. I apply a couple of sprays all over my face and while my skin is still damp, I apply my highlighter just above my cheekbones and the tip of my nose. And that’s it! This is my everyday routine that I stick with. For a quick lipstick that lasts all day I LOVE these liquid lipsticks in about any color. They’re also on sale for $13 right now!



Clear makeup organizer: HERE

Clear lipstick organizer: HERE, OPTION 2, OPTION 3

Lighted mirror: HERE

Similar Neon Sign: HERE

Brushes: 40% off Real Techniques Brushes – some of my favorite brushes!

Jewelry Box: Kendra Scott




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