My All-Time Favorite Products on Amazon

 A complete list of my favorite random-ass things to buy on Amazon. I’m including everything from household and photography to health and beauty products.  If you’re like me your Amazon cart is always full, but these are things that I’ve found were worth buying. Let me know if you’ve tried or currently use any of these!




 1. Luxury Laundry Detergent
This stuff is like a laundry perfume that you can add to your detergent (or use on its own) that smells fucking amazing. It’s kind of expensive so I just mix a little bit in with my regular Tide detergent. My Arkansas fam put me on to this stuff because I was obsessed with how GOOD their laundry smelled – thanks Tina! Now I can’t live without it. I’m obsessed with the scent of clean laundry! This comes in a few scents but my favorite is ‘High Maintenance’ – don’t ask why, it just smells amazing 😉 A must for every load of laundry. I also love: detergent gift set (all 3 scents in mini sizes), candle trio (try each scent in a candle version), and the room spray in ‘Diva’.


2. 18″ Dimmable Ring Light

I recently bought this ring light along with a light stand and hot shoe adapter for my camera (totally not necessary but I bought all three together because it doesn’t come with a stand). It’s under $100 and gives off a LOT of florescent light in my dark room. I placed it on the light stand directly behind my makeup vanity. If you don’t have room for this one and don’t care about it being dimmable, try this 14″ ring light which is a little bit cheaper.


3. Cosmetic Case for Traveling

This is the best cosmetic/toiletry case – especially for traveling because it has interchangeable compartments and holds your brushes in place. This case holds a lotttt and it’s stiff so nothing gets moved around. Here’s another smaller, but still very similar option.


4. Wet Brush

This is my faaavorite paddle brush that won’t rip your hair out. You can use it on wet or dry hair and it’s one of the best brushes I’ve owned. I use it for blowdrying my hair too!


5. Portable Lighted Mirror

I pack this lighted makeup mirror for every trip and every vacation. I feel like hotels have the worst lighting sometimes, and this has made getting ready in the room way easier. It’s super lightweight and lays right on top of your suitcase.


6. 6 ft long iPhone charger

Because a 6 foot long phone charger is always a necessity.


7. Makeup Drawer Organizers

A necessity for my vanity !! I feel like so many people throw their makeup and hair products in a drawer or cosmetic bag – but I have OCD and need everything to be organized and visible. The smaller ones are good for hair ties, bobby pins, clear elastics, etc. I use the longer ones for make up brushes, eye shadow palettes, and spray bottles (I lay them on their side in the bin). The medium size is good for compacts, bronzer, highlighter, concealer, foundation, etc. These make it easy to see everything I have when I’m getting ready. 


8. Canon Rebel DSLR Camera

This Canon Rebel was one the best Amazon purchases I’ve made. I bought this exact model in the kit above which comes with everything pictured (the kit was the same price as just the camera alone). I love this version of the Canon Rebel because it has built-in WiFi, so I can transfer pictures from my camera to my phone no matter where I am. I mostly use the stock lens (18-55mm), but I also have this 55mm lens.

9. Apothecary Jars 

These glass jars give your bathroom a luxe look, and they’re functional. You can fill them with cotton balls, Q-tips, soap, bath salt…pretty much anything. Get some decor inspo here.


10. Mini Polaroid Camera

I have stacks of polaroids all over my apartment that I’ve taken with this little camera. I have it in white and love it! They even make the cutest frames for polaroid pictures here.


11. Electric Tea Kettle

This one is for all my tea lovers xx – I’m too lazy to wait for water to boil on the stove and after burning myself from microwaving cups of water, I invested in this. It plugs in, boils water in a minute or so, you pour it into your teapot or cup, and it goes right back in the cupboard. I also love: this glass teapot with infuser, these insulated glass teacups, and the best ‘Paris’ fruity black tea.

12. Simple Makeup Wipes

You might as well get the 3-pack of these – they are by far my favorite makeup removing wipes. I keep one in my bathroom, one in my bedroom, one in my travel bag, and one at my boyfriend’s place. They are made with Micellar water so they remove allll of your foundation and eye makeup. You should still always wash your face after using makeup wipes, but I feel like these really get all of my makeup off. They also don’t burn my eyes or skin like every other makeup wipe I’ve tried.


13. Shower Filter for Hair & Skin

When I moved to Chicago I noticed a HUGE difference in my hair and skin. My hair felt so dry and brittle from the harsh chemicals in my water. This shower water filter lasts 6 months before you have to change the filter, and it’s under $50. You just remove your shower head, screw on the filter, and then replace your shower head. This one even comes with an extra filter.


14. Yoga Mat Set

I started doing at-home yoga last year and bought this set when I moved into my apartment. It comes with a mat, two yoga blocks, and mat towels. I love the app Down Dog for tons of different yoga practices 🙂


15. RX Bars

My FAVE!!! Plus, a box of RX Bars is cheaper on Amazon than it is at WholeFoods. You can also get a variety pack of flavors if you aren’t sure which ones you like. PB is just my personal favorite 🙂

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