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On my last trip to Naples a few weeks ago, I met THE cutest and sweetest little photographer. Her name is Kayla Mills and she’s from Texas – so if you’re in her area you need to check her out. Her personal Insta is here, photography Insta is here, or visit her website. Of course on the day we planned to shoot it was rainy and humid, yet her pictures still came out amazing.

Every time I post these vintage high-waisted Levi’s shorts, I get tons of messages asking where to get them! They are perfect to tuck a vintage-inspired graphic t-shirt into, or just add sneakers and a sweatshirt. What I love about reworked vintage pieces is that you’ll never see anyone wearing the exact same thing. These shorts are probably thirty years old. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters about six/seven years ago and added some of my own rips to them. The more they’re washed, the better they look. Urban Outfitters ‘Urban Renewal’ brand reworks vintage Levi’s and sells them, which is exactly what mine are. I recommend ordering a couple pairs to see which ones you like best, since every pair is unique. Mine are an XS (generally 24, 25, or 26 in Levi’s) For the longer styles, try cutting them into shorts!

Where to find vintage denim shorts:

Try here, here, and here.




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