Chicago to JAX – next stop… Italy

I feel like I have totally been MIA – it’s been a crazy month (or two). Good news is, I’m back and planning some exciting new content and looks for my upcoming trip!

What have I been up to? Well, a few weeks ago Matt and I moved from Chicago to Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve moved in the past to NYC and Naples, but both times were temporary, so I really didn’t have much packing to do. I’ve realized that packing up your entire place into moving boxes and bins takes a lot more work and organization (I couldn’t do it without labeling every box). Within a couple of weeks we packed up everything and hit the road. The drive is well over 15 hours so we made a pitstop in Nashville, our halfway point, for two nights. I LOVE Nashville but two nights there is literally all I can handle. Then we finished our drive (another 9 hours) to Jacksonville.

Chicago will always be my favorite. I’ll always miss my view, having endless food options, packed rooftop bars, holiday weekends, and summertime in Chicago. Coming here I knew little to nothing about Jacksonville. However, it’s actually a really, really cool city that’s only 20 minutes from the beach. Not having to deal with the snow and 50mph winds in the winter sounds pretty amazing, too. Jacksonville is a huge city, and everything is spread out into different areas. There are tons of new restaurants, bars, and shopping in Jacksonville and Jax Beach. Over Memorial Day Weekend, one of my best and longest friends (since we were 12) came to visit, and we went out with some friends in Jax Beach all weekend. It’s super casual, laid-back, and beachy, which I love. I’m still trying to convince Matt to take surfing lessons with me 😉

Currently, I’m going crazy trying to plan every outfit for my next trip. In less than a week I’m leaving for Italy! We’re spending the first few nights in Florence, and the rest of the trip in Rome. So if anyone has any recommendations for traveling to Italy, or must-try restaurants, please share!! I would love to add them to my list! I’ve never been to Europe and I’m SO excited. I’m an OCD packer, so I currently have about 10 outfits laid out on my bedroom floor. I try to plan everything from top to bottom, shoes, purse, jewelry, accessories, and how I’m going to wear my hair. (When you have thick hair that you don’t have to wash for a few days, you plan out your hairstyles. Some of you girls will understand me on this one.) I also take pictures of each outfit laid out to reference on my trip. If any of you would like more tips on how I pack for my trips, I’m sure I could squeeze a blog post into my 9 hour flight next week. 🙂 *sarcasm*

Anyway, I can’t wait to share my trip with you. And pleaseeee leave some recommendations for Italy if you have any! I appreciate you!!



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