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When I first started my Instagram page six years ago, I had just about a hundred followers including high school/college friends, some family. Now that there are almost 10,000 of you, I wanted to kind of reintroduce myself and share more details about myself. So, I’m answering some of the most common questions you guys have asked, along with some random questions I’ve gotten!





Where are you from and what is your degree in? I grew up in Northwest Ohio where I went to school and got my degree in fashion merchandising and product development with a minor in marketing. I lived in NYC for an internship in college, moved to Naples briefly afterwards where I worked as a stylist and personal shopper, then I moved to Chicago doing social media marketing and sales, and I’m currently living in Jacksonville blogging part-time and working in sales. Since college I have mostly done personal shopping, styling, social media marketing, and sales.


Tips on starting a blog and how to grow your following on IG? About this time last year is when I first thought about starting a blog. When I started my blog, it was definitely not to make it a career or to grow my following. There are TONS of bloggers out there (it’s a saturated industry) but I’ve always had a hard time finding bloggers with unique style that I actually found inspiration from. I always support other influencers, but there are only a select few that I relate to as far as personal style. This is why I started my blog. Consistently posting unique and engaging content that has value is the best way to grow a following. I’m super against paying for any type of program to boost followers, likes, comments, etc. To me it seems fake, and I’ve gotten all of my followers organically. I even block accounts that either look like spam or don’t engage! My block list is a mile long LOL. Rather than looking at other bloggers for ideas, create content that other bloggers aren’t posting. Differentiate yourself, and create value. Ask yourself why someone would follow you over other influencers. Another tip is to engage and network with accounts that you like! If you’re still one of those people that scroll thru Instagram for hours just looking and not engaging, don’t be afraid to comment or message someone if you like their page or have a question about something. I always appreciate when people aren’t afraid to message me with questions or to thank me for posting something that helped them. I’ve also seen people recreate my looks from head to toe and they take total credit for it – but hey do your thing lol. I don’t think people realize how much time and work goes into running a blog, so even just a little bit of recognition is always appreciated 🙂


Have you ever struggled hard in life? Of course I have. Who hasn’t at some point? It would be ignorant to assume that somebody has never struggled in life. I try to share mostly positive things on my page and that’s just my personal choice, but I do give people credit who share more personal things. Social media is really just a glimpse of my life, so don’t assume 🙂 One thing I really struggled with in the last year or so was anxiety and panic attacks. That’s something that I did share with you guys because I figured what helped me could have also helped someone else.


Do you plan on getting married? Yes I do!! I don’t know when and I try not to obsess over it like so many people do. Lol, I just take everything day by day.


Favorite food/drink? If you haven’t noticed this, I have a serious sweet tooth!! I have to have something sweet after a meal. I love Italian and comfort food. Two things that completely gross me out are seafood (calamari is the only exception) and salads – I’ve never eaten one!


How often do you workout and do you count calories? I do pilates/barre about 4-5 days per week. I do not count calories and I really don’t diet. If I didn’t workout I would definitely have to watch what I eat and how much I eat. I literally workout so that I can eat what I want while I still can LOL.


Go-to outfit or look? Ripped black jeans, a vintage tee or super chunky oversized sweater, leather jacket, and sneakers (or boots). I love being comfy!!


Would you ever change from blonde? Nope, made that mistake once and won’t do it again. If you knew me in high school, you might remember that one time I dyed my hair almost jet black (worst decision ever). I didn’t even look like myself! It took me months to get back to a nice platinum blonde and I would never do it again. I actually really like when my roots grow out, but they’re a little heavy right now. I’m patiently waiting for you to come down to JAX and work your magic @Colleen 😉


What’s something unexpected about you? Something I’ve been told a few times is, “I really didn’t think I would like you, until I met you and you weren’t what I expected!” I literally just heard this again the other day, I’m never sure what to make of it LOL but I guess it’s a good thing. People can be quick to judge or act like they know you, especially when they follow you on social media. I guess I’d rather people expect the worst than the opposite! I’m actually pretty laid back and easy going….for the most part 😉 (Matt and my family will tell you differently)


How do you keep your blonde hair so long and healthy? Minimizing heat! I only use hot tools (blow dryer/irons) on my hair once a week and it lasts me around 4 days. During the week I usually keep it in a wet bun or braid so that I don’t have to blow dry it. I have a lot of hair and it’s more dry so I use a ton of oil and Olaplex treatments are life. Moroccan Oil shampoo & conditioner has definitely saved my hair more than once! Highly recommend if you have dry or damaged hair. There are also two Oribe styling products that I can’t live without: here and here. Plus they are the best smelling products you will ever use!!


Favorite city? It depends… but in general I’d have to say Chicago.


Any relationship/friendship advice? Hm….that’s kinda tough. I’ve learned that everyone really has to learn from their own mistakes, because people will ask for your advice and then do the exact opposite of what you say LOL. The best advice I can give and something that I’ve always stood behind is this: don’t be afraid to let someone know how you feel and don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life. No one is entitled to be a part of your life.


Why do you travel so much? I love traveling. Is there anyone who really dislikes it?! I’ve also been blessed with a family, boyfriend, and friends who love traveling just as much as I do and are always up for a quick trip somewhere 🙂 Living in Jacksonville now I also don’t have family here, so whenever I get the chance to go back home, I do!


Favorite designer brand at the moment?  I love everything that Virgil is doing with Off-White. It might be a little bit trendy for some people, but it’s just my style. As far as handbags, a few of my favorites with good opening price points are YSL, Balenciaga, and Gucci. If it’s one of your first designer bags, stick with a classic black or neutral crossbody or tote in solid leather. This is my favorite classic designer bag.


If there’s anything else that you’d really like me to answer or go into detail about, send me a message on Instagram. I’ll keep a continuous list of questions and post these Q&A’s more often.

xx Brooke

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