meet Brooke, owner and creator @BRO0KETINI



I grew up in a pretty small town in Ohio, but since college I’ve sort of bounced around living between NYC, South Florida, Chicago, and most recently Northeast FL. Therefore I have a few places I call ‘home’. I love traveling, sharing content through social media, and meeting other creative-minded people. For that reason I created, a place where I can answer questions and share my tips and advice when it comes to styling, product reviews, traveling, beauty, and more.

I didn’t create this page to become another fashion blogger. My background is in fashion merchandising and marketing, but my passion goes beyond that. I love creating digital content as well as social media management. 

Here you’ll find my genuine & authentic personal style. I created this platform to share my own personal twist on fashion trends and styling and give you some insight on my favorite places to travel, shop, eat, hangout, and find inspiration.


With love,