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Honestly guys, in the past few weeks I’ve had no motivation to blog. Between work leading up to the holidays, Christmas shopping, finding time to workout, planning/packing for a 2 week trip, I’ve been kinda disconnected. Plus when I was home for the holidays I just wanted to relax and spend time with family & friends.

This year I want to switch things up a little bit. I feel like sometimes it’s easier sharing the information in these posts via Instagram, so I’m working on blogging more in my instagram posts, stories, and IGTV videos. I want to keep it simple so that you guys don’t have to come to this platform for everything. I’ll be using my website mainly for outfit linking (it might be easier just to follow me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it App), trend styling tips, city guides, travel advice, Q&A, etc. but as always, let me know if you guys have any opinion or suggestions 🙂 I always love hearing your input on content.

I think a Q&A update every so often is the best way for me to answer questions that I get all the time. I’m guilty of reading DM’s with the intention of getting back to you guys, but then forget and your questions end up lost in my inbox 🙁 I try to keep a running list of the questions and requests I’ve gotten so that I can answer all at once. Also, I always answer these questions honestly!! I’ll share all of my NY resolutions at the end. Xx


So let’s go:


Do you have lip injections? 

I’ve never had lip injections or anything done at all other than a simple facial! I’m definitely not against fillers but I’ve personally been too scared to trust people with that stuff. If I did I would probably only get a little in my top lip 🤔 I definitely don’t need anything in my bottom lip lol


What is your dream job?

To start my own business. Personal styling or opening a new type of boutique.


Can you make a Jacksonville blog post?

Yes! I’m working on it. Jacksonville is huge and such a cool place. I love how you can drive to so many different areas within JAX and they’re all so different in terms of food, crowd, bars, atmosphere, etc. In the meantime I have in-depth city guides for Chicago and NYC.


More skincare and makeup tutorials?

I explain my start-to-finish makeup routine, including skin prep, here 🙂 will work on posting more skincare, I just switch up my routine so much.


Relationship advice?

I’ve gotten a few questions about relationship/friendship advice and I have never even known where to start. Lol I could go on and on but everyone has their own opinion on this topic. However I do think one of the most important things is finding people who are mentally on the same page as you and have similar personality traits, or finding someone who compliments your personality. When I meet people I can usually tell immediately if we’re compatible. I’m very, very relaxed and easygoing majority of the time. I rarely get flustered//bothered. When something does bother me, I’m really good at getting rid of it and not dwelling on anything. When I know someone isn’t meant to be in my life, I know and I’m able to accept it and move on. I can get rid of things easily. This goes for anything, not just people or relationships. I even go through my social media and get rid of people who are either negative, or are watching everything and not engaging or interacting.

Another thing that’s important for me is genuinely being friends with someone before anything else. When you go out looking or expecting something, you kind of set yourself up for disappointment. I feel like Matt and I are just a perfect match, and I knew him all throughout college but never actually saw myself dating him. Lol we were friends before we realized how much we actually had in common, which is crazy. Obviously we’re always going to have a few differences, but the good outweighs the bad by a lot in our relationship. And sometimes you really do have to weigh the good/bad in any relationship/friendship to figure out if it’s worthwhile.


Do you have any pointers for gaining followers/an audience?

So I’ve tried to answer this in my “Tips for Starting a Blog” post, but honestly I feel like the biggest thing is to try and shy away from what mainstream bloggers are doing. Try to come up with fresh content or style. So many people do the opposite of this. You’ll never create a niche if your content blends in with all of the major bloggers or content creators. Find your niche and stick with it. I’ve also grown my following completely organically so I have a real, authentic audience. I would never everrrrr pay for an app, program, or bot to “grow” your page. When it comes down to it you’re still paying for followers and likes, which is easy to spot based on your engagement:follower ratio. Engagement groups can be helpful but that’s another thing I just don’t get into.


What did you use to start your blog?

Well I really started by unintentionally building a following on Instagram, and now I feel like so much can be done through that platform alone. My website is built on WordPress.org, which is explained in the post that I linked above.


What are your New Years resolutions?

One of them is to actually stick to all of my resolutions lol – I will list them below,

  • Writing down everything in my planner. I’m pretty good at this already, but I always fall off towards the end of the year. I just got my new planner so I’ve already started this. It helps to make a to-do list & goal list in my phone, but also writing it down in my planner. Typing it and writing it makes you more likely to remember and get it done. If you’re looking for a new planner or organizer, Erin Condren literally has the best and most of them are fully customizable. This year I went with this one and had my initials put on the cover. It’s simple, chic, and full of extra blank pages between months.
  • Drinking less coffee and more tea.
  • Prioritizing. Sticking to my to-do list. I keep lists in my phone that I’m constantly adding to and checking off. Whether it’s something I need from the store, content ideas, appointments I need to make, people I need to get back to, or travel destinations.
  • Not feeling like I owe anyone anything. Time, opinions, answers, friendships, etc.
  • Getting rid of extra baggage. Prioritizing and doing a clean out of my closet/home/social media/and life in general.
  • Eating less candy & added sugar. (the hardest one yet)
  • Buying less; traveling as much as possible.


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